What Is GeoCash?

GeoDB rewards users in exchange for sharing their data.

To keep track of the rewards, we have created an app called GeoCash, which can easily be downloaded from the app stores for both Android and iOS devices. Before we jump into a walkthrough of the application, we’ll see how it works.

The app, with the user’s consent, mines the location and other device data of the user anonymously. Rewards are subjected to rules laid down by the federation. Now, how does anyone pay an anonymous person? Here’s where blockchain and Geo Token comes to picture.

How to install GeoCash?

  1. Download GeoCash following this link:

  2. After installation, check the privacy terms and click on ‘new wallet’ or ‘load wallet’ in case you have one already.

  3. Give a wallet name and set a PIN.

  4. This will generate a unique set of private keys(make a note of it). This is how your screen will look like.

  1. To set up your account, authorize by adding your Google account(this information is used to assure the participant to be a human — OAuth).

2. After authorizing the permission to share your location, you’re ready to mine & earn GEO!

I sent GEOs to the exchange X, and they don't show up on my account. What's going on?

The exchange is operating with GEOs on the main-net. Although the same source code is used in the contract, it does not have the same address. In other words, it's not the same token.

What is a KG or MG?

These are different ways of counting GEOs. A GEO has 18 decimals, and there are millions of them. To facilitate operations, we need to use different notations.

What units are there?

  • 1_000_000_000 GEO = 1 GigaGEO = 1 GG

  • 1_000_000_000 GEO = 1 GigaGEO = 1 GG

  • 1_000_000_000 GEO = 1 GigaGEO = 1 GG

  • 1_000_000_000 GEO = 1 GigaGEO = 1 GG

  • 1_000_000 GEO = 1 MegaGEO = 1 MG

  • 1_000 GEO = 1 KiloGEO = 1 KG

  • 1 GEO

  • 0.001 GEO = 1 miliGEO = 1 mG

  • 0.000_001 = 1 microGEO = 1 μG

  • 0.000_000_001 = 1 nanoGEO = 1 nG

  • 0.000_000_000_001 = 1 picoGEO = 1 pG

  • 0.000_000_000_000_001 = 1 femtoGEO = 1 fG

  • 0.000_000_000_000_000_001 = 1 attoGEO = 1 aG

What data is shared?

Currently, the application shares locations, battery levels, device information, telephony signals detected and the list of applications installed on the device.

What does GeoDB do with this information?

The data is used to generate verified datasets that are acquired in GEOs.

Is it possible to acquire a given user's data?


Is my email linked to the information I share?


If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach us over the live chat in our discord or telegram channel

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